Panasonic 3d digital camera lumix dmc 3d1k инструкция

panasonic 3d digital camera lumix dmc 3d1k инструкция
Various high-speed burst modes are available, going up to thirteen frames per second at two megapixels in 16:9 aspect ratio. Both you and the subject need to be still, so it’s uses are a little limited for now. By default the Fn2 button is set to switch Post Focus on and off. What you see on the LCD screen is only the left lens picture.

The most obvious feature that triggered skepticism was the fact that its stereo lenses were spaced only 30 mm apart—a bit over an inch. A Tulip photo taken with the DMC-FZ50, without raster graphics editor processing, shows the vivid colors produced by the camera. Like the FZ18 it has a Leica lens with an 18x optical zoom ratio. It has a slightly larger sensor than the FZ18, a 10.1-megapixel image resolution, and the newer Venus IV image processing engine.

This is not necessarily «fatal» to the picture. This is very helpful when you’re photographing something fast moving, such as sports, or children. There have been anecdotal reports from Panasonic of modified cameras being returned with damaged processors. Stereo close-up photography in your garden 3d Gallery Eight.

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