Ip камера panasonic bl c131 инструкция

ip камера panasonic bl c131 инструкция
While the camera is still off flick the switch to wireless mode and power up the camera. After you’ve properly connected your camera to your network, chances are, one of these two links will pull up your camera’s setup screen: or Try them. For example, firmware version 3.50 does not expose the MPEG4 framerate option, which is the first line in the example. Network Speed: The speed of your Panasonic Network camera needs to match the speed of your network. Check to box to see if it supports FTP. If it does, then it should work with .

The Panasonic Netcams can handle B, G or B/G (both). In the screenshot below we chose a special Apple AirPort 802.11n setting with backwards compatibility for B and G networks. That’s like trying to race a Lamborghini in the Tour De France. Apple also recommends that their customers use WPA2 Personal. It’s a good secure choice. If your router is using a different setting, then please change it to WPA2 Personal now. The Viewnetcam service can take up to 30 minutes to become active, but after that you should now be able to access your camera from an external Internet connection using your chosen domain name.

This is achieved by restricting devices based on their MAC Address. The screen shots taken in this guide are of a BL-C131 but are going to be pretty much identical for most of the BB and BL range of Panasonic IP cameras. Devices which attach to your wireless network must use the SSID otherwise they won’t be able to communicate over the network at all. The toggle switch for ‘Wired’ / ‘Wireless’ is located on the bottom of the camera.

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