Hp designjet z2100 инструкция

hp designjet z2100 инструкция
Load a roll into the printer ENWW… Page 24: Unload A Roll (neither in the driver nor in the front panel), you can choose a generic paper name instead. Leaving it on improves response time and overall system reliability. Если вы не нашли модель своего плоттера HP, обратитесь к нашим специалистам – и получите квалифицированную помощь по установке драйверов. See How to order supplies and accessories… Page 52 Chapter 7 Accessories ENWW… Page 53: Troubleshooting Paper Issues The Paper Has Jammed Troubleshooting paper issues The paper has jammed When a paper jam occurs, you normally see the Possible paper jam message in the front-panel display. Get colour accuracy on any paper: HP’s first-ever embedded spectrophotometer enables the printer to generate custom ICC profiles for your preferred paper, simply and automatically, in under 20 minutes.

Your image will be printed on a page of the size you have selected, with no margins. Page 31 Press the Menu key to return to the main menu and select the Paper menu icon Select Paper load. For example, if you are loading HP Aquarella Art Paper or Epson Smooth Fine Art Paper, and you don’t find the exact name in the paper list, you can choose Fine art paper.

Прямо сейчас вы можете скачать драйвера для плоттеров HP для их дальнейшей корректной работы. Cut the paper as straight as possible, as uneven CAUTION paper does not load correctly. Chapter 3 Paper handling ENWW… Page 35: Select Print Quality ● Using the front panel: select the Setup menu icon , then Printing preferences > Print quality.

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