Стиральная машина аристон ат 80 инструкция

стиральная машина аристон ат 80 инструкция
The inherent mechanical weak spot of the front loader design is the cantilevered mounting of the inner drum within the outer tub. Since the agitator and the drum are separate and distinct in a top-loading washing machine, the mechanism of a top-loader is inherently more complicated than a front-loading machine. However, due to efficient use of water and detergent, the sudsing issue with front-loaders can be controlled by simply using less detergent, without lessening cleaning action. This makes changing the main bearings difficult, as the plastic drum usually cannot be separated into two halves to enable the inner drum to be removed to gain access to the bearing. The drying process tends to use much more energy than using two separate devices, because a combo washer dryer not only must dry the clothing, but also needs to dry out the wash chamber itself. Check whether the drain pump or drain outlet function properly: remove any foreign bodies from the pump.

Fully electronic timers did not become widespread until decades later. Hoovermatic machines were made mostly in twin tub format for the European market — (where they competed with Hotpoint’s Supermatic line which used the oscillating agitator design) until the early 1990s. Some industrial garment testing machines still use the Hoover wash action. Check whether the feet have been correctly levelled and that they are not damaged. The first wringers were hand-cranked, but were eventually included as a powered attachment above the washer tub. Retrieved 2012-06-01. ^ «Alliance website». Retrieved 2013-11-05. ^ «Archived copy». Archived from the original on 2008-11-11. Retrieved 2012-07-04. External links[edit]. Чаще всего мастер восстанавливает электронную плату. В 5% случаев, когда сгорает процессор, электронный модуль требуется заменить полностью. В любом случае – не отчаивайтесь!

Some front-loading washer operating instructions say the bellows should be wiped down monthly with a strong bleach solution, while others offer a special «freshening» cycle where the machine is run empty with a strong dosing of bleach. Running a large machine with small loads is wasteful. Agitation is supplied by the back-and-forth rotation of the cylinder and by gravity. The modern process of water removal by spinning did not come into use until electric motors were developed.

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