Wiwa professional 28064 инструкция пдф

wiwa professional 28064 инструкция пдф
Our anticorrosion system are an efficient way to prevent corrosion that is one of the biggest and most difficult problems for manufacturers, the owners of industrial, civil and comemrcial assets. Technical training for international staff Technical training in Korea First technical training in China Seminar on lacquering procedure in the furniture industry Seminar for joiners and carpenters at the Training in Indonesia vocational school for wood workers in Bad Ideal for trade and industry. The new 48057 and 48046 models are Airless paint spraying units with an even better delivery rate with the same high pressure ratio. Compatible materials: oil and grease, high build varnish, primer, sprayable spackle, sprayable paint and lacquer, two component material, textured paint, hammer-tone paint, water soluble materials and waterborne lacquer. Protect structures with the best italian anticorrosion technology.

Choose our corrosion resistant spray equipment and our products for protective coatings. Due to the high displacement, it is possible to ensure slow piston speeds and corresponding low wear in the case of Airless painting even with large nozzle sizes. Applications for the DUOMIX 140: Ideal for applying foam.

Applications: WIWA extrusion pumps for railcar and track production, truck and bus production, automobile industry, window manufacturing, adhesive and printing industry. WIWA Partnership USA WIWA Subsidiary China China WIWA Wilhelm Wagner GmbH & Co. KG Gewerbestraße 1–3 35633 Lahnau, Germany WIWA LP 3734A Cook Boulevard Chesapeake, VA 23323, USA WIWA Taicang Co., Ltd. Airless and Air-Combi versions for use in trade and industry.

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