Kurz расходомер инструкция 454ft

kurz расходомер инструкция 454ft
Applications that call for general information, exacting accuracy, or system protection rely on Kurz devices for real-time sensor and electronics diagnostics, and dependable temperature compensation. Insertion, In-Line, Multipoint & Portable Flow Meters Monitoring and Measuring Industrial Gas Flows for Stacks, Ducts, Flares, Emissions, Biogas, Chemical Processes, Condensing Gases, and Pressurized Gases. After more than 35 years of manufacturing flow monitoring equipment, Kurz continues its commitment to supplying innovative devices while encouraging the world to look at thermal mass devices as a cost-effective alternative to other flow measurement technologies. Click here for Kurz legacy products and archives. go Top. The 454FTB supports process temperatures from -40° C to 260° C and from -40°C to 500° C, process pressure ratings up to 300 PSIG, and a velocity range from 0 to 24,000 SFPM. PRODUCT INFORMATION go Top.

 Kurz Instruments | Single Point Mass Flow Meters 454FTB-WGF SINGLE-POINT INSERTION FLOW METER Click image for more details GENERAL OVERVIEW The Kurz Series 454FTB-WGF is the first thermal mass flow meter engineered specifically for wet gas, condensing gas, and biogas environments.

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