Кипор kge6500e инструкция

Easily portable Automatic shutdown if the oil supply falls below a safe minimum level. A “NO START” feature will not allow a restart until the oil is replenished. Noise level(7m) dB(A) 77 77 77 77 Net weight (kg) 53 60 65 70 Rated output (kVA) Max. output (kVA) Dimensions(mm) 1.7/20 1.7/2.0 2.8/3.3 When the need arises for supplemental power, nothing takes the place of dependability. Startup Getting Started Menu Using Quick Help About Oscllloscope Language Chinese Sine wave diagram of KIPOR Digital series generator The inverter module adjusts the engine speed based on the load required resulting in reduced wear and fuel consumption.

Low running noise Application of new AVR High efficiency combustion system ensures complete combustion. A large silencer dampens exhaust noise and engine sounds are contained by a double wall structure and liner absorber. You need plenty of capacity, useful technology and exacting control. Lightweight Portable The alternator is connected directly to the engine, eliminating the weight of the flywheel. Product Features Quieter and more powerful A high efficiency combustion system ensures complete combustion. A large muffler dampens exhaust noise and engine sounds are contained in a double-walled structure and absorbed by a special liner. Certification KIPOR digital gensets have received EPA, CE, CARB, CETL and PSE certification. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) not only can smooth the output but also provide protection against overloads, avoiding expensive damage.
Compared with traditional models, diesel general gensets have been greatly improved by technical breakthrough and innovation, which are featured by impressive noise reduction, easy transportation, higher power, easy maintenance, and so on. Kipor agent in australia does not answer email + Reliable and quiet and no flicker ing lighting — Metal casing rusts rapidly Similar opinion? Сведем тех.характеристики моделей бензиновых генераторов Kama (Kipor) в следующею таблицу. Основным преимуществом модели являются ее компактные размеры, малый вес, а также низкий уровень шума, что позволяет с комфортом использовать электростанцию.. 14873.00 грн. Easily portable Rated frequency (Hz) An open frame configuration means it’s easy to handle and store when not in use.

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