Инструкция сигнализацыи тигр

инструкция сигнализацыи тигр
Learn more ES-K1AWireless Keypad This wireless keypad enables you to arm, disarm or activate the home mode of you alarm system from another location in your home. После того как зарядил его, центральный замок реагирует на команды брелка. Но вот сигнализация кричит если открыть дверь. Learn more ES-T1ARFID Tag Disarm your security system by swiping the tag in front of the control panel. Learn more ES-RC1RF Remote Control Arm, disarm or trigger an alarm from distance with this remote control, even from outside your home.

Learn more ES-S7AOutdoor Siren The ES-S7A is an outdoor siren that delivers 100 dB when ringing out. Easy to setup System installed in a few minutes. Communication by landline and/or SIM card LCD Screen Easier setup Setup directly on the control panel Easy to install. Learn more ES-D3CWireless Door / Window Contact The ES-D3C is a door / window contact like the ES-D3B, except it is powered with one AAA battery.

Learn more ES-D2AWireless Pet-Immune Motion Detector Detect humans, not animals. Learn more ES-D4ALong Distance Door / Window Contact With its antenna, this wireless door / window contact can be installed up to 300m away from the control panel of your system. You can purchase the S4 alarm kits from retailers listed below. You can set up your sensors on specific zones, so that you can stay in the house while some detectors are still up and running. All the sensors are connected via secure radio-frequency. An alarm system that follows your needs At home, and safe.

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