Инструкция на русском-line 6 pod xt live

инструкция на русском-line 6 pod xt live
And I constantly hear them together as the other guitar player has a vetta as well. I D BUY THIS OVER AND OVER. Mike Reber from Phoenix AZ March 18, 2016 Brilliant !!! This is the first review I have written after 40 years playing. Even outputting to my old Marshall VS, it’s like falling in love with guitar playing all over again. After experimentation with these features, I broke ties completely with what I had setup in POD-HD and never looked back. The Line 6 HELIX is ALL of that and more in one package.

But just doesn’t track as good as a real whammy. dont like the echoplex in this at all. It’s good as a echo effect but for the echoplex sound and rockabilly tone I like the Dunlop pedals better. The best part is that I’ve only just scratched the surface of what Helix can do. Thank you Marshall for everything you do at Sweetwater, you all do a great job.

Turn all 3 COMPRESSION knobs down (to the left) to turn off any band compression. Sweetwater has always been GREAT to me so if you would like one of these give them a call. Line 6 PODxt PRO очень часто используется студийными музыкантами, в рамках сессии очень удобно быстро перестроиться между песнями, а корректировка пресета не отнимает много времени.

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