Инструкция на факс brother 333mc

инструкция на факс brother 333mc
When the feature is OFF, the report is printed automatically only if there’s an error during transmission. You must press the Search/Speed Dial key, press #, and then the two digit code to start the dialing process. Page 80 This equipment may not be used on coin service lines provided by the telephone company or connected to party lines. Page 58: Hold, Tone/pulse Press Stop during transmission to cancel the current fax broadcast.

Front cover Contact your Brother Dealer for service, CALL BROTHER CS MACHINE ERROR XX The number you called does not answer or is NO RESPONSE/BUSY busy. You can also back up and type over incorrect letters. Press Start. If you’ve set Call Reservation to ON, pick up your handset if the fax machine rings. Standard Input Paper Capacity (sheets)‡ Max. capacity based on using 20 lb. paper.

Avoid placing your machine in a high-traffic area. This way, you don’t have to wait for it to finish sending or receiving the other fax. Remember, your machine cannot scan anything closer than one-eighth inch from the edge of the paper. Then make a single copy. If you selected SORT and the OUT OF MEMORY message appears while scanning subsequent pages, you can press Copy/Help to copy the portion that is in memory, or press Stop to cancel. Page 68: Icm Recording Monitor, Recording A Conversation, Fax Forwarding/paging, Programming A Fax Forwarding Number ICM Recording Monitor This feature lets you turn the speaker volume for voice messages ON or OFF. When you turn the monitor OFF, you will not hear messages as they come in.

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