Инструкция лс1

инструкция лс1
Have an adult call several vets in your town. You can buy a large habitat, but it will be very expensive. Cleaning — Cleaning your iguana’s cage is one of the most important things you’ll need to do every single day. Bulk prices will be shown in the shopping cart. You can do this in a bathtub or a very large container filled with water. The water you spray will evaporate in the high temperatures, which will make a humid habitat.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to eat the same thing everyday, so your iguana probably wouldn’t either. They can get this with special light bulbs and by sitting in direct sunlight.- Pet iguanas and their cages should be properly cleaned on a regular basis.- Pet iguanas that are kept in a cage, need to be in a cage that is VERY big. The bad thing about getting a book is that there are a lot of books that are really old and have a lot of bad stuff in them. We recommend two different books, Green Iguana — The Ultimate Owner’s Manual by James Hatfield and Iguanas for Dummies by Melissa Kaplan. Just like a kid, an iguana will probably want to eat stuff that isn’t really good for him.

For more information on properly feeding an iguana, make sure you read our Food and Feeding section. Make sure you get help from an adult when cleaning your iguana’s cage. Learning more — This is just the basic stuff you need to know about caring for your iguana. Even if they still light up, they won’t give your iguana enough UV light after six months. It’s also very important that there is no glass or plastic between the UV bulb and your iguana. You should also clean and wash your iguana’s food and water dishes every single day. If you don’t clean up after your iguana every day, it can cause serious trouble for not only your iguana, but for you too.

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