Инструкция к alpha helicopter

инструкция к alpha helicopter
More than 70% of those interviewed reported psychological and behavioural symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Personnel still left alive were either desperately sheltering in the scorched, smoke-filled accommodation block or leaping from the various deck levels, including the helideck, 175 ft (50 m) into the North Sea. The planning and controls that were put in place were thought to be adequate.

The Claymore platform continued pumping oil until the second explosion because the manager had no permission from the Occidental control centre to shut down. This awesome RC drone comes ready to fly right out of the box. The main problem was that most of the personnel who had the authority to order evacuation had been killed when the first explosion destroyed the control room. The valve was in a different location from the pump and therefore the permits were stored in different boxes, as they were sorted by location.

But you won’t need it to start enjoying the benefits of AS3X technology right away. Then open the file from your desktop (or wherever you stored the file). Available in a range of colors including: WhiteYellowBlue RedBlack Blue/GreyOliveSand Where to buy/find out more: Other helmets in the range.

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