Инструкция dji phantom 2

инструкция dji phantom 2
Display OSD: Turn this on to display the On-Screen Display (altitude, distance, speed, etc.). Text Depth Offset: Increase or Decrease the OSD text depth offset to make it more comfortable to read. Deselect the Add POI Button (if it is selected) and press the aircraft icon in the map view or Press a Custom Button that has been set to «Waypoint at Aircraft» Fly your aircraft to where you want the selfie to go next, and add another waypoint. Both the drone and the controller (if any) have to be turned on and connected to the device in order for the video feed to be operational. When the drone reaches this point, it comes back to the homepoint and lands automatically.

Такой полет с потрясающе плавной видеосъемкой дает ощущение собственного реактивного ранца, и я практически не преувеличиваю.На самом деле, сам по себе полет – это только половина удовольствия. Все тот же работающий с GPS 4-роторный квадрокоптер, но правильнее называть его дроном благодаря возможности полуавтоматического пилотирования. Running an Orbit session Press the «Start» button at the bottom of the settings screen to initiate an Orbit session.

Stay Time: The time in seconds that the aircraft should pause for at the waypoint. 0 for no pause Banked Turn: When enabled, the aircraft will do a curved turn at this waypoint, when disabled it will stop at the waypoint then turn. Flip the remote controller mode switch into the P position (or Sport for Mavic/Phantom 4/Inspire 2). The aircraft will then stop the autonomous flight and you will regain control instantly. Subject Offset: Only change this setting in situations where you want the aircraft to follow the subject’s movements while looking in another direction relative to the subject. Extender Battery: Shows the remaining Range Extender battery percentage. Battery Status: This bar shows the status of the aircraft battery. The flight plan can have different colors: Green: The size is optimal to fly the mission with a fully charged battery.

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