Infinity dvars инструкция

infinity dvars инструкция
This dialog is used to set cell data types and formats. It is explained in Section 5.10 ― Formatting Cells. For more information, see Section 11.6.3 ― Manage Sheets dialog. Merge — This menu item combines the current selection into a single large cell. This is explained in section Section 4.4.2 ― The Standard Toolbar.

This information is explained in Section 4.7 ― The Information Area. Unmerge — This menu item divides a merged selection into the original cells. The use of a spreadsheet therefore requires a substantial understanding of the types of information which can be entered into the spreadsheet and the methods which can be used to manipulate that information. The chapter attempts to help new users get started with Gnumeric and provides background for the more detailed explanations given in the rest of the manual.

When the interval is shorter more of your work will be potentially saved, but Gnumeric might appear sluggish. If Gnumeric is sluggish increase the time between saves. The data may be entered by hand or imported from external files. This quick approach to pre-formatting cells can be done for any group of selected cells. 3.7. Complex Cell Selections Selections can be more complex than a single cell at a time. This shift is the fundamental difference between insert and delete operations compared to cut or copy and paste operations. 3.9. Sheets The worksheets in a workbook can be altered in several ways. The most important commands are explained in the rest of this chapter. We explain all of the commands in later chapters of this manual. 3.4.1. Using Menu Commands The menus provide the simplest way for you to get to all of the commands provided by Gnumeric.

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