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The records related to the transactions discussed below must be retained by a bank for five years. Quicken updates your list of supported financial institutions. Extension of Credit in Excess of $10,000 (Not Secured by Real Property) This record shall contain: Name of borrower. Social security number of purchaser or alien identification number.

Risk Factors Banks may find it more difficult to verify and authenticate an NRA accountholder’s identification, source of funds, and source of wealth, which may result in BSA/AML risks. Identity of the beneficiary’s bank. As many of the following items as are received with the payment order: Name and address of the beneficiary.  Портал поддержки клиентов, «Интернет-банк для бизнеса», Банк Открытие Интернет банк для бизнеса Для входа необходим «Рутокен» и браузер Internet Explorer Вход. Система оповестит Вас за месяц до окончания срока действия ключей.
После получения вашей заявки Вам перезвонит сотрудник Банка для уточнения дополнительных сведений. Foreign individuals maintaining relationships with U.S. banks can be divided into two categories: resident aliens and nonresident aliens. This is the name used in Quicken and does not affect the account at your financial institution. For each payment order that a bank accepts as the originator’s bank, the bank must obtain and retain a record of the following information: Name and address of originator.

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