Garmin gps 12 инструкция

garmin gps 12 инструкция
Download from The App Store™ or Google Play™. Get Your Apple® Device Onboard with BlueChart Mobile With BlueChart Mobile, a free app downloaded from the App Store, you can plan marine routes on your iPad or iPhone then wirelessly transfer them to your boat’s compatible networked Garmin chartplotter. Since I don’t own every model of Garmin receiver and since some simplification of details is necessary in a manual with this much scope there could be discrepancies in this presentation. Some drawings were captured in g7to, some were drawn by me, and some were supplied by vendors.

The book is available from 1st book publishers in either electronic (pdf) or as a paperback. You will notice by looking at the file names and using thescheme, that you can find just about anything you are looking for. Even if you don’t have a Garmin chartplotter, you can still take advantage of the tremendous features of BlueChart on your Apple device.

You should also download the Garmin manuals from their website. You can customize your screens with Safety Shading that allows you to shade all depth contours shallower than your boat’s safe depth. Enhanced Auto Guidance Just enter the location where you want to go and patented Garmin Auto Guidance technology instantly searches through relevant charts to create a safe virtual pathway on the display that helps you avoid low bridges, shallow water and other charted obstructions en route.

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